Hi All,

Sorry for the delay with updates on this site...as many of you know we have had to put the wedding details on hold to deal with health issues...on the mend.. :-)

Please look under accomodations for some hotel information.

The location for the wedding is City of Belleair Beach 444 Causeway Boulevard Belleair Beach...we are planning a pre-game/cocktail hour starting 6:00 pm.  We will take a trolly ride between 7:30-7:45 to the beach for the ceremony which will be at sun set followed immediately by the reception.

We usually fly into Tampa airport which is about 25-30 to Belleair Beach.  You may be able to get a flight into St. Petersburg which is only 10-15 to Belleair Beach.  

To RSVP to brunch please go to site menu then the RSVP tab.